Professional Fees Prior to Insurance Savings Plans: 


*Please note that insurance savings vary depending on your carrier. Please call our office prior to your appointment to verify the amount of co-pay you will be responsible for at the time of your visit.


$149 New Patient Eye Exam/ $139 Established Patient Eye Exam


$35 Retinal Imaging Screening 


  • At Eyes on Canal, patients are cared for with the most innovative technology. Your retinas will be photographed with high quality instrumentation and images will then be stored in your very own secure database for comparison at every visit. No insurance currently covers this test, so there will be an additional $35 retinal imaging fee in addition to your co-pay on the day of your visit.*Teachers, preachers, and military members recieve this service for $25.


$45 to $600 Contact Lens Exam Portion


  • This portion of the exam will vary depending on each patient's specific needs. Vision insurance usually covers a portion of this service. Please call our office prior to your appointment to verify the exact amount of savings your plan will provide for you. *Includes a follow-up exam within 30 days and loaner contact lenses.


For pricing related to medical visits such as for eye infections, allergies, injuries, pain, or other concerns, please call our office for details. Certain medical conditions may require the use of additional tests and instruments. Dr. Jackson will explain why any additional tests are being recommended and what you can expect during each procedure. 


Please be prepared to provide both your medical and vision insurance coverage prior to your appointment so that we can assist you in taking advantage of all the savings you have available to you. While we try our best to provide you with your full financial obligations ahead of time, it is ultimately your responsibility to contact your carrier to clarify exact details of why they may or may not provide specific savings towards our services. As always, we are happy to assist with this process to the best of our ability in an attempt to make your visit as seamless as possible. 




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