Eye Care Services

At Eyes on Canal, Dr. Monique Jackson strives to provide the highest level of vision care. Your initial evaluation will consist of a very thorough eye exam where Dr. Jackson will assess your vision, eye muscle function, color vision, depth perception, and range of focus in a relaxing and professional environment. Your external and internal ocular health will be medically evaluated for signs of diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. If you have an eye infection or loss of vision, Dr. Jackson will treat and manage your case even if it is not during business hours as your health is our top priority. Make Eyes on Canal your go-to place for all of your visual needs including glasses, contact lenses, lid cleaning products, and even health care supplements. If you are in need of medical or cosmetic surgery, Dr. Jackson and our team can facilitate your appointment to one of the best surgeons in the New Orleans area while also ensuring that you are fully educated on what your surgery and post-op treatment will entail. 

4205 Canal St. Suite B.

New Orleans, LA 70119



Dr. Monique Jackson

Dr. Madison Hayes

Dr. Karlotta Thurman



Tel: 504-777-7780

Fax: 504-777-7790

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