Frequently Asked Questions About Our New Orleans Eye Care Clinic and Services

As a leader in using the latest technology, showcasing eyewear trends, and providing evidence-based care, we want you to feel confident in your selection of Eyes on Canal as your vision care provider.

Below are answers to some of the more common questions we hear from parents and from new patients seeking routine exams or treatment of vision problems.

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For Our New Patients

Is there parking available on-site?

Street parking is available at our clinic, and the streetcar runs directly in front of our building.

Parking is not designated for Eyes on Canal, so please be aware of the traffic regulations where you park. We will not be held responsible for any parking violations during the time of your exam.

Do I have to get my eyes dilated?
Dilation is not required, but it is included in your comprehensive eye exam. However, most insurance plans do require dilation for those patients who have diabetes. Dilation allows the doctor to see a much broader view of the inside of the eye in order to detect any potential holes, tears, or retinal detachments. In most cases, your ability to drive will not be affected by the dilation, but objects can be blurry up close and you may be sensitive to bright lights for 3-4 hours. We always advise patients not to drive should they feel visually affected by the drops. If you feel uncomfortable driving with dilated eyes, please have a driver with you.
What should I bring to my (or my child's) first appointment?
Please bring both your vision and medical insurance cards with you to your appointment. We’ll help verify all benefits, deductibles, and co-pays prior to your appointment so that you’re able to maximize all possible savings. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to be aware of any deductibles and co-pays you may have prior to the time of the exam.
Do eye exams include a contact lens fitting?

Are you currently wearing or wanting contact lenses? Let our receptionist¬†know that you would like a contact lens exam. While our comprehensive eye exam will determine appropriate spectacle prescriptions, you’ll need additional measurements taken to ensure proper contact lens fit.

Should I receive retinal imaging during my annual exam?

Yes! At Eyes on Canal, we offer and recommend a wellness scan, or digital analysis of the back of your eye. This option is not included in all exams, but is only $20 and provides a view similar to an x-ray of the different layers of your retina. Our wellness scan assists in detecting any major health problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, macular holes, vitreomacular traction, retinal tears, or fluid before you may even have symptoms. This information also allows us to track your eye health over time in case something does present in the future.

Financial Considerations

What insurance plans do you accept?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most vision and medical insurances including but not limited to VSP, Eyemed, Spectera, BCBS of LA, United Healthcare, Humana, and Aetna.

How much does a comprehensive eye exam cost?

The eye exams for new patients are $149 and $135 for established patients (this is the full price that does not include any insurance coverage). Your insurance coverage and the amount of co-pay will vary depending on your insurance carrier. Please call our office prior to your appointment to verify the amount of co-pay you will be responsible for at the time of your visit, and for pricing related to medical visits such as for eye infections, allergies, injuries, pain, or other concerns. Those may require the use of additional tests, which your optometrist will discuss with you.

How much does a contact lens exam cost?

The contact lens exam cost varies based on the type of lens design our optometrist finds most suitable, your unique prescription, and the savings you have available to you through your vision or medical insurance plan. Please call our office prior to your appointment to verify the exact amount of coverage your plan will provide.

What does my insurance plan cover?
It depends on your carrier, but most insurance plans would cover a portion of an eye exam, and most vision insurance plans cover a portion of the contact lens exam. Please call our office prior to your appointment to verify the amount of co-pay you will be responsible for at the time of your visit.
What if I don't have vision insurance?

We have financing available through CareCredit. We also accept flex savings cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Our New Orleans On-Site Optical Gallery

Do I need an appointment to browse or make purchases from your on-site optical shop?

No, you do not need an appointment to visit our optical. We welcome walk-ins to our New Orleans eyewear gallery to shop a diverse selection of frames from designer brands for any budget, including prescription sunglasses, colored contacts, and eyecare supplements.

Do you accept outside prescriptions?
Yes, we provide professional frame fittings at our on-site gallery, no matter where you received your prescription, subject to prescription verification.
How long are contact or frame prescriptions good for?

Prescriptions in Louisiana are valid for 12 months, at which point you’re required to have your vision re-evaluated in order to purchase contact lenses or glasses.

Do you offer non-prescription colored contacts?

Yes, however all contact lenses sold require an evaluation by a medical professional to ensure proper fit and health of the eye prior to dispensing contacts, even those that are not intended to correct your vision. Our optometrist will be happy to guide your decisions while choosing any of our eyewear products and ensure that you are educated and able to properly care for your lenses and choose a product that meets your needs.

Other Questions

How often should children have their vision tested?

We emphasize early childhood eye care and recommend that children’s vision be examined before the age of 1, then at ages 3 and 5. After they start school, children and adolescents should receive an annual exam. Children who need eyeglasses or contact lenses should be examined annually to ensure accurate eyewear prescriptions.

Do you test for glaucoma?

Yes. Our eye doctor will check the health of the inside of your eyes and diagnose any potential nerve damage that could be due to glaucoma. We’ll also measuring the pressure inside your eyes with an instrument known as a tonometer, which can help detect early signs of glaucoma.

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