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Eyes on Canal Offers Telehealth Appointments for New Orleans Patients

Our team takes a personalized, thoughtful approach to protecting your and your family’s eye health. Telehealth is a rapidly evolving tool many healthcare providers use to deliver quality services with added convenience.

Eyes on Canal is no exception. As we deliver exceptional eye care at our New Orleans clinic, patient health has been and will always be our priority. With this in mind, we are now offering our patients virtual visits with our optometrists. You can have continued digital access to our doctors — delivered to your home or office.

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Eligibility for a Telehealth Appointment

While eye telehealth services cannot yet replace an in-person comprehensive eye exam, they can be used to update your eye doctor on changes of your condition or to confirm expected therapeutic results.

How Digital Eye Appointments Work

Using a digital device of your choosing — whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or laptop camera — you’ll be able to see and communicate with our eye care provider, who will be able to examine your eye health, get updates on any changes of your eye health, manage your chronic condition, and more — all while using the camera on your device.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Some insurance providers do cover telemedicine appointments, but we are also offering a cash pay price for uninsured patients, and those whose insurance does not cover telemedicine appointments. Your insurance coverage and the amount of co-pay will vary depending on your insurance carrier. Our team will do its very best to help you receive an accurate estimate of charges prior to your appointment, but please keep in mind that it is ultimately your responsibility to be aware of any deductibles and co-pays you may have prior to the time of the exam. Visit our FAQ to learn more about financial considerations.

National Standards for Telehealth Quality

We are absolutely following established best practices to ensure the same quality of care as an in-person visit for you and your family. We’re adhering to all the guidelines and standards set by the American Optometric Association. We meet all the state licensure and other legal requirements, and are committed to protecting patient privacy. Whether provided in-person or via telehealth, we guarantee optimal delivery of high-quality eye health services.

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