New Orleans Pediatric Eye Care Specialist

Comprehensive Eye Care for Infants, Toddlers, Grade-Schoolers, and Teens

At Eyes on Canal, our experienced optometrist covers every aspect of eye health for you and your family, including personalized eye healthcare in a relaxing environment for our young patients.

We recognize the fears associated with a first eye exam so we will do everything possible to provide a pleasant experience for you and your child. The exam will include a medical history review, entire eye health evaluation, evaluation for signs of diseases, a discussion with the optometrist about her findings, and a tailored treatment plan for your child if necessary.

You will be able to acquire any glasses or contact lens prescription your child may need, and your child will leave our office with a fun pair of sunglasses and a sticker for doing well during his or her visit.

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Our Doctor Is a Leader in Child Eye Care in New Orleans

Our family-friendly office welcomes children of every age. Each encounter is tailored to fit the needs of our patients, and we treat everyone with the utmost care. At Eyes on Canal, we emphasize early childhood eye care, not only because every child’s vision is precious, but also because detecting issues and irregularities early could ensure his or her vision lasts a lifetime.

Our office is comfortable, professional, and family-friendly. Our New Orleans eye doctor is committed to staying current on the latest advancements in eye care by regularly attending continuing-education seminars and advanced training courses, and we use the most advanced multidiagnostic exam screening tools on the market. Using the latest in wavefront technology, we can objectively provide a more accurate baseline to determine correct eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions in seconds, and it’s absolutely painless for our patients.

Childhood Eye Health Facts and Guidelines

About 7 percent of children under 18 in the U.S. have a diagnosed eye and vision condition. Nearly 3 percent of those are considered blind or visually impaired.

The National Center for Children’s Vision & Eye Health also reports that up to 28 percent of children ages 5-17 have astigmatism (an irregularity in the shape of the cornea or lens that causes blurry vision); and that 4 percent of children 6 to 72 months and 9 percent of children ages 5 to 17 have myopia (nearsightedness).

For these and numerous other reasons, it’s important to stay on top of preventative care and get regular eye exams. At Eyes on Canal, we recommend that children’s vision be examined before the age of 1, then at ages 3 and 5. After they start school, children and adolescents should receive an annual exam.

Limitations of Vision Screenings at School

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular eye exams and early detection and treatment by an experienced optometrist. Vision screenings can miss vision problems early on due to their limitations. School screenings, or screenings done by your child’s primary care physician, cannot be relied on to provide the same results as a comprehensive eye and vision exam. And, if undetected and untreated, vision problems can interfere with your child’s ability to learn in school and participate in sports.

The team at Eyes on Canal has the specialized training and equipment to make a definitive diagnosis and prescribe treatment as part of providing regular professional vision care for your child and your family.